Bill Moyers: In Search of the Constitution


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In American history, no document has sparked as much reverence, analysis, and controversy as the Constitution; Emmy- and Peabody Award–winning journalist Bill Moyers here presents an absorbing series of interviews with legal scholars, Supreme Court justices, and ordinary citizens exploring its history and continuing legacy. Broadcast in the late 1980s, the program features spirited debates on constitutional interpretation with justices William J. Brennan, Harry A. Blackmun, and Sandra Day O'Connor. This riveting collection explores how this one brief text has shaped our nation and holds the power to change our lives. American journalist and public commentator Bill Moyers served as White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967. Since then he has been extensively involved with public television, producing many documentaries and news journal programs, and been honored with lifetime achievement Emmy and Peabody awards. This engrossing series is one of many in which he engages with some of the most prominent public figures of our time to explore the search for meaning in the spheres of religion, language, philosophy, and the history of the American Constitution.
"A wonderful piece of work."—NY Times

"Captures both the history and day-to-day vitality of the U.S. Constitution ... Grade: A" —Entertainment Weekly

"Intriguing ... delightful ... insightful."—Chicago Tribune

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