Bill Moyers: A World of Ideas II: Great Thinkers


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Imagine sitting down with 16 of the world's smartest, most informed people for conversations on American life. Called "provocative" by the Boston Globe and culled from interviews taped by Moyers throughout his storied career, these are far-reaching discussions about fascinating topics. Episodes include David Puttnam on the power of films to shape society; historian Henry Steele Commager on the presidency, the rise of a class society, and religion in politics; philosopher John Searle on the student activism of the 1960s; ethicist Sissela Bok on the psychology of lying and the impact of deception on public trust; educator Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot on the "playfulness of learning"; Mary Catherine Bateson on the dual lives of women in American society; William Julius Wilson on the real causes of poverty among inner-city blacks; Nobel Prize–winning physicist Chen Ning Yang on differences in Western and Asian approaches to education; linguistics scholar Noam Chomsky on dissent, democracy, and the marginalization of the general population; Jonas Salk on "learning to think like nature"; and much more. American journalist and public commentator Bill Moyers served as White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967. Since then he has been extensively involved with public television, producing many documentaries and news journal programs, and been honored with lifetime achievement Emmy and Peabody awards. This engrossing series is one of many in which he engages with some of the most prominent public figures of our time to explore the search for meaning in the spheres of religion, language, philosophy, and the history of the American Constitution.

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