American Splendor DVD

Ollie's Closeouts

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Harvey Pekar (Paul Giamatti) is a file clerk in a veteran's hospital who writes about his monotonous life in comic books. He lives in the most ordinary of apartments -- dank, drab and cluttered. He has the most ordinary of frustrations -- a woman in front of him at the grocery store's check-out counter takes too long, a look in the mirror provides "a reliable disappointment." He faces the most minor and the most severe obstacles and problems with the same grumpy pessimism. Yet Pekar recognizes the complexity of ordinary life. His insights and artistic sensibilities do not translate into a capacity for tolerance or intimacy, though. Pekar is selfish and insensitive. He does not want to be alone but he is too unpleasant and petty to live with anyone else, until Joyce Brabner (Hope Davis), a fan who impulsively decides to marry him after a disastrous first date, turns out to be his ideal life companion. Like Pekar, she is relentlessly honest about her own quirks, shortcomings, and pathologies and those of others.

Buy the book: the comic book anthology that inspired this film here.

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