Drawn Together


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They have always seemed an unlikely pair, yet cartoonists Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky Crumb have been, since the 1970s, the world's most famous—and possibly only—underground comics couple. Here they collect the best of their collaborative strips, from Dirty Laundry and Weirdo to some of their most recent drawings from their home in southern France.
"The thematic cohesion, despite the two very different styles, is an achievement, one further enhanced by guest illustrations from daughter Sophie and cameos from Art Spiegelman and Charles Burns. A must for Crumb fans."—Publishers Weekly

"If his drawing is wonderfully detailed, volumetric, and fluid—the justly most famous and admired comics style of our time—hers is flat, messy, childishly exuberant, an avatar of the art brut manners of such of her peers as Linda Barry, Roz Chast, and Nicole Hollander. That contrast between them becomes yet more grist for their endless, self-conscious, ludicrously frank (often literally unbuttoned; this is adult comics, folks) yattering on sex, art, parenthood, guilt, fashion, collecting, shopping mania, the Jews and the goys, France and the French, him being more famous than her, blah blah blah. And gloriosky! It gets funnier as the years pile up. The last long story here, 'A Couple a' Nasty, Raunchy Old Things,' is as hilarious as the best routines of George and Gracie, the Bickersons, and The Honeymooners."—Booklist (starred review) Must be 18 or older to purchase.

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