Last Gasp

$ 3.99 


In the mid-70s, artists were sometimes fined, arrested or challenged in court for addressing taboo subjects such as heroin use. This book was drawn by an anonymous author. Junk Comix tells it like it is!

From the back cover: "Why not read Junk Comix, the comic that gets down to the point with no fucking around!!'

Junk Comix is not just another do-gooder's idea to 'combat' the 'junk problem.' These people out to help junkies are more fucked up than the junkies themselves. Junk Comix neither solicits nor prints the opinions of so-called celebrities who know next to nothing about junk yet are willing to comment on the subject for the right kind of price. This kind of thing is obviously just a lot of bullshit!! Must be 18 or older to purchase.

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