The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know


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An obsessively completist checklist of cool—covering lifestyle, fashion, music, movies, body art, and more.

The Indie Cred Test is the ultimate test of hipness. Sixteen chapters and countless sidebars cover musicians, authors, hipsters, hippies, miniature toy poodles, and everything in between. Part pop culture quiz, part satire, part handbook of all things cool, this fun and fascinating book is The Official Preppy Handbook meets The Hipster Handbook, plus massive amounts of (what else?) indie cred.

Readers can put their indie cred to the test by answering such questions and prompts as:

• Explain McSweeney’s.

• Is a bike your primary form of transportation?

• Is there any kind of T-shirt that can’t be worn ironically?

• Has Courtney Love ever taken a swing at you?

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