The Tire House Book

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$ 8.99 

What are tire houses? Who builds them? How do they do it? Will I see the tires when the house is finished? How weird are they? Can I do it myself? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this book that Earth Quarterly called ' excellent addition to the library of any potential tire house builder, offering a wealth of unique ideas that can jump-start you to getting up, getting out, and building that sucker!' And the Albuquerque Journal said: 'Better keep this one on the night table; you'll probably want to refer to it as you build a home or an addition to one.' Using 'landfill' tires and a revolutionary process, houses are being built that are both revolutionary and evolutionary--Michael Reynolds builds self-sufficient Earthships(TM), and Ed Paschich builds traditional homes using tires for the exterior walls. This book will tell you how you can be more responsible when you build a home, improve a home, or add a garden. You'll learn about constructed wetlands, solar air conditioning, and xeriscape landscaping. It's all here with many illustrations and photographs.

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