Hippie University Values

This website and the things that I will sell will follow a set of values that were rediscovered and developed during the beat era and the hippie counter-culture. Here are a list of 10 values I hope to promote:
1. Peace is just, fair, desirable and patriotic.
2. We must coexist and learn to value people from other faiths and cultures. We can all learn to get along, love and appreciate one another.
3. We must recognize the damage we make to the earth by our boundless consumption, and try to live in harmony with nature.
5. We should always fight for justice and freedom, specially for those who can't fend for themselves.
6. The world is for all humans, wilderness and nature; not for corporations and some elite few.
7. Nobody should be judged or denied rights because of their sex, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
8. Humans should have the right to consume anything they want, as long as they don't harm anyone else by doing so.
9. Freedom of the press is essential to democracy. Satire should be encouraged, not punished.
10. Government should be for the people, by the people; not for corporations by corporations.
Yes, I do see the irony in having to create a corporation to fight corporatism and promote consumption and be anti-consumerism. I just hope I can grow this venture into a positive force for change in the world.

Ramon Diaz

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