Comic Book Condition Rating

Near Mint- Brand new, never read condition. 

Very Fine- Great shape, very minor corner or spine wear. Great look and appeal.

Fine- Some corner wear less than 1/4 inch, or some spine roll. Good look and appeal. May have very minor creases.

Very Good- May Have a few creases, spine wear, minor water staining. Complete and readable. 

Good- Complete and readable, but may have wrinkles, staining, some spine detachment and wear.

Fair- Readable but may have missing coupons or major rips. Diminished visual appeal. May be stained and or wrinkled. (We try not to sell comics in this condition, unless very rare and hard to find).

Poor- Missing pages, ripped, stained, unappealing look and feel. (not sold on this website).

We are not professional comic book graders. The grading we give our comic books is to give the buyer and idea of the condition of the book. We hope that our books are read, rather than preserved in a board for value speculation. That would go against the spirit of the underground comics. Although some comic books are rare and may have an inflated value because of it, we try to give our comic books a fair price. We grade them to the best of our ability, but grading and value are always subjective.

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