WEED: Grow It, Cook It by Floyd Barrington

Ollie's Closeouts

$ 6.99 $ 14.99

Sick of smoking bad weed? Fed up handing your hard earned cash in return for some low grade underweight crap? Well, now it's time to do something about it and grow your own! With just a small investment in some basic equipment and this guide, you'll soon be flipping the bird to your dealer as you spark up some super-dank chronic you've grown entirely yourself. Over the following pages, "Weed—Grow It, Cook It" strips out the technicalities of other growing guides and presents the information in a simple way that’s easy for even the most stoned minds to understand. Every part of the process is explained—from the initial stages of germinating seeds and setting up a grow room to harvesting your crop and drying the buds. Alongside all this are top growing tips on aspects such as pest control, feeding, training methods, and hydroponics. Also included are sections on making hash and cooking with weed—hash brownies and cannabis cupcakes anyone?

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