Talk to the Hand!: A Doonesbury Book


$ 9.95 $ 16.95


While some in the Doonesbury universe seek office, others serve, in this 2004 collection (following Got War?). Alex and her Seattle cohorts devote their young, restless, and body-pierced Deaniac energy to hooking up "flash art" with politics. Half a world away in Iraq, Duke devotes himself to liberating the city of Al Amok, ruling with a steady hand, a full glass, a devoted Chinese handler, and an economy based on looting. As fate would have it, B.D. finds himself heading upriver on an apocalyptic mission to terminate Al Duke with extreme prejudice—a story line so made-for-TV that B.D. feels compelled to bang out the screenplay on his laptop in real time. Since it appeared in 1970 as the first newspaper comic strip from Universal Press Syndicate, Garry Trudeau's Pulitzer Prize–winning Doonesbury has entertained readers with its politically aware commentary, while providing a window to the current state of the American mind. In 1975, then-president Gerald Ford quipped, "There are only three major vehicles to keep us informed as to what is going on in Washington: the electronic media, the print media, and Doonesbury, not necessarily in that order."

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