Last Gasp

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The history of religion is peppered with senseless violence, pointless massacres, abusive exploitation, abstract authority figures and fantasies about the afterlife. Enough with the hypocrisy, here is religion at its most repulsive, and/or prurient (depending on your point of view). The following artists and stories are featured within:

•Pascal Mezzo: J.C., Mary Magdalene & Satan. This young French artist has appeared in Metal Hurlant, Sortez la Chienne, and more. His first US publication.
•Mario Hernandez: Cleavo masquerading as the Savior. Brother of Jaime and Gilbert.
•Mary Fleener: Marozia's Secret.
•Mike Matthews & Lydia Lunch: The Curse of Saint Dymphna. She writes, he draws..
•Steve Lafler: Divine Anarchy. After being hassled one too many times in airport corridors, "Dogboy" Lafler reminds us of the real nature of fun-loving Krishna.
•Krystine Kryttre & Michael Furey: The Gospel According to Father Phlegm. The Neon Twins, he writes, she draws.
•Dori Seda: The Pig People of Paraguay, b.1951 - d.1988 R.I.P.
•Aline Kominsky-Crumb: Fits of Passion. Her work has been an inspiration and a model for a new generation of cartoonists.
•Romain Slocombe: The Mad Monk. Very influenced by Japanese manga, this French artist has been published in Metal Hurlant, L'Art Medical, and more.
•Joe Sacco: St. Agnes.
•Placid: Ecclesiastes.
•Hiromi Hiraguchi: Santa Claus on New Year's Eve. From the pages of SM Sniper, a total perversion of this irritating symbol of rampant consumerism who started his career as martyred saint.
•Pat'Allo: Crucifixion with Garter Belt. A regular of the artzine scene, Pat'Allo is also a painter of the Figurative Realism School.
Nazario: The Martyr of St. Sebastian. The author-creator of Anarcoma, brings us his vision of St. Sebastian as patron saint of leather boys. Must be 18 or older to purchase.

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