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Try to feed your children organic foods and introduce natural products as early on as possible.

Breast feeding is the #1 choice for infants.

Make your own baby food, puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays. This way you will know exactly what your baby is eating.

Clothing for children should be durable and chemical-free. Natural clothing is a safe way to dress your child. Consider consignment stores and hand-me-downs for growing children.

Look for safe, non-toxic toys made of natural rubber or organic cotton. Toys made from natural wood or bamboo are other safe alternatives.

Crib frames should be made from wood or bamboo products and treated with a safe non-toxic substance. Organic mattresses should be made of natural rubber and bedding should be made with organic cotton.

For much, much more advice on living a green life, check out The Living Series: Green Consumer: Choices For The Entire Family.

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